Asensio pings into the top corner


Absolutely fantastic goal! Marco Asensio (Real Madrid) hits a perfect volley from far out and the ball flies into the top left corner. Take a bow.

Marco Asensio doesn’t give the crowd even time to scream in delight as his effort arrives in
Mars two seconds after lift-off.
He hit that. Really hit that.

It came about after Raul Lizoain punched a cross out of the area. Sadly for the keeper it fell to the Real youngster who arrowed his strike into the top corner.

Never seen one hit so hard
Absolute rocket from Marco Asensio who smashes home a stunning effort from outside the area to double Madrid’s lead!

The ball falls to Asensio just outside the area and he lashes it right into the top corner with his left boot. Even in slow-motion it looks fast!

Asensio has made a habit of scoring some wonderful goals for Madrid so far this season and he adds another to his collection here. That might be the best of the bunch.