Cristiano Ronaldo Defends Young Fan Against A Laughing Crowd


Cristiano Ronaldo is considered one of the best soccer players in the world, and it turns out he’s also a pretty nice guy — if the video below is any indication.

A clip from one of Ronaldo’s 2014 Q&A appearances in Japan has recently spread around online, showing an eager fan on stage attempting to read a letter to the Real Madrid star in his native tongue of Portuguese.

It appeared the boy was struggling to read in the foreign language, but Ronaldo reassured him that he understood what he was trying to articulate.

Some of the audience members, however, weren’t as sympathetic and began to laugh at the boy’s effort to speak Portuguese. Ronaldo, however, didn’t join in on their laughter. Instead, he was quick to ridicule the crowd and praise the fan for his bravery.

“Why they smile? Why? He speaks good Portuguese, very good,” he told the crowd.

He also offered an important message: “They should be happy because he tries very hard.”

The incident is reminiscent of the more recent time when Ronaldo gave a boy his soccer jersey after he accidentally kicked the ball in his face before a match.

These videos quickly gained popularity because, well, who doesn’t want to see a world famous star with a heart of gold?

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