Cristiano Ronaldo is a great person


Most people know who Cristiano Ronaldo is. One of the best football players in this century. He has tried really hard to get all what he has right now. He is hated by many people without any good reason. It might be because of his money, his happiness, beautiful women and adorable son. In short – a happy family life. All his dreams came true. But all this didn’t come without his hard work. He has everything but he also tries his best to help others. I will try to give you a few examples about that.

Parents of Nuhazet from Las Palmas in 2012 found out that their son was dying because of cancer and they decided to make their son’s dream come true. They took Nuhazet for the match of his favorite club – Real Madrid. After the match Cristiano Ronaldo met with this young boy and he offered his parents help. The next day the boy and his parents were already in hospital waiting for medicine from USA. Ronaldo and his agent managed it well. He sponsored his stay in hospital and all treatment. His family got from him new hope for their son.

Dawid from Poland a year ago had an accident. He fell into a coma. Last November his parents turned on the match to let him listen to it. As his parents said, in the moment when Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal, Dawid woke up from his coma. Ronaldo, after hearing this story, invited Dawid with his parents for the match and met with them after. This young boy feels really happy right now. He keeps thinking that Ronaldo saved his life.

Ronald Gjorka- 20 year old boy who ran onto the pitch and hugged Cristiano Ronaldo during the match Chelsea – Real Madrid. This young boy was supposed to be charged by police in Miami. Ronaldo wrote the letter to the prosecutor in the case appealing for the charges to be dropped. If not for Cristiano’s good will and his character, this boy was without help but he made a step to help him out. It’s another proof that CR7 is not that bad as people think.

In March this year, people from Villaluenga de la Sagra (Spain) tried to collect money for Erik – 10 month old boy – sickness – cortical dysplasia. Only way to help him is a very costly surgery. Friends of Ronaldo asked him to give a shirt and shoes for auctions, where people tried to get enough money for surgery. The Real Madrid player didn’t offer only these things. He covered all the cost of the surgery. For sure it’s not the first time when Cristiano Ronaldo has given his help. He has done a lot for children from many countries. Those examples are like a drop in the ocean. Our world needs people like him. I hope he will stay like that always.