Cristiano Ronaldo junior takes after his dad with perfectly struck free kick as proud father praises his son’s skills: ‘Nothing is coincidence’


Like father, like son. It seems Cristiano Ronaldo junior has more in common with his famous footballer dad than just the name.

Ronaldo senior shared a video clip on Instagram of his seven-year-old son scoring a brilliantly struck free kick from distance in a youth game in Spain.

The Real Madrid player praised his son and hinted that the set-piece skill has come from plenty of practice at home, with the caption saying: ‘Nothing is coincidence.’

Ronaldo may also be referencing the fact his genes have clearly been passed down to his son, who seems to share the Portugal international’s penchant for free kicks.

The boy even looked to have picked up some of his dad’s mannerisms, standing over the free kick with his body straight and his legs shoulder width apart – just as Ronaldo Snr does.

Not put off by the three man wall and the two players positioned on the goal line – not to mention the distance from goal – Ronaldo Jnr hits the free-kick with swerve and dip.

It arches perfectly over the wall and lands in the bottom corner, beyond the keeper’s despairing dive.

Notable afterwards is the lack of celebration from young Ronaldo, who simply walks back to his team’s half – showing a nonchalance that suggests he regularly scores this type of goal even when the cameras are not rolling.



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