Cristiano Ronaldo makes sweet gesture after accidentally hitting young fan with ball (video)


Real Madrid forward apologizes to young fan for wayward shot

Cristiano Ronaldo was innocently warming up before Real Madrid’s Champions League match vs Atletico Madrid on Wednesday evening when he accidentally struck a young child in the face with a wayward freekick.

Realising that being the reason why a medical team had surrounded a child probably doesn’t look good and that several dozen TV cameras had picked up on the incident (also lawyers), Ronaldo decided to do something to fix the situation. The only possible solution, as we all know by now, was to give the child his shirt./

The lovely gesture reduced the supporter to tears, meaning that he’d now spent about 70% of his time in the Bernabeu crying about stuff that had happened to him. Which is a little bit like Ronaldo, come to think of it.

Whether the young Real fan was really just crying as part of a cunning ruse, having taken pointers from the recent crocodile tear performances of Sergio Ramos and Pepe and aware that milking the incident might result in this gesture from the Portuguese star, is a mystery yet to be solved. A mystery to be solved later when I search eBay for “shirt worn by Cristiano Ronaldo in warm up”.



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