Cristiano Ronaldo Shows off with Hand-Clapping Pushups at Real Madrid Training


Cristiano Ronaldo is yoked. We know this. But to get an idea of how hard Ronaldo can flex in any physical situation, take a look at how he dusts his Real Madrid teammates in a simple push-up exercise. While some of the players around Ronaldo do “push-ups” (no middle school gym teacher would ever accept those sorry attempts), he breezes through 16 reps in 13 seconds.

(That alone is absurd and upsetting to this writer, whose muscles are still in a poor pre-pubescent state.) Just to amuse himself, Ronaldo does clap push-ups because, well, normal push-ups are just that: normal. Ronaldo is not, and he’s spent his entire career asserting that.

If you want an idea of how Ronaldo’s become the most marveled soccer player in the world, this micro example speaks directly to the larger industry of being Ronaldo. In his mind, he must outshine every competitor in sight, even if it means effortlessly going harder than his own teammates in a routine push-up drill.