Cristiano Ronaldo speed test – Unbelievable Results [VIDEO]


Personally, I don’t care how fast Cristiano Ronaldo run the 100m.  It’s how many goals he can score, and more importantly, scoring the right goals at the right time.

In this video from YouTube, we have Cristiano Ronaldo “race” against professional sprinter Angel David Rodríguez on Tested to the Limit.  Angel David Rodríguez has a PB of 10.14 (+1.7) and a 6.55 for 60 meters.  His 200m time is an impressive 20.61 (-0.9) but both 100m & 200m PB come from 2008.

We don’t have his actual time, but Ronaldo is approximately 10% behind Rodriguez in this 30m test which probably extrapolates to 11.0 and 11.5 if you use the charts above.

I can honestly say there is no way Cristiano Ronaldo can run the 100m under 11.00 in his current regime.

But this guy can play football… better than most footballers on earth.  And that is what matters.



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