Cristiano Ronaldo struggled with Touzani’s skills challenge


The Youtuber is a famous freestyle footballer with amazing contacts. His profile continues to grow and grow.

In getting Ronaldo on, he’s not only secured screentime with one of the world’s best players but also one of the most marketable athletes in the world. The appearance itself was relatively unremarkable.

Ronaldo is currently promoting his brand of boots and that’s what this meeting revolved around. It started off with Touzani presenting boots to Ronaldo from the early 20th century as if to show how far we had come.

Then, after the boot reveal, Ronaldo took a challenge that Touzani has tested the likes of Christian Eriksen with. It’s an exercise that tests concentration. When Touzani shouts catch, you pass the ball back. When he shouts head, you catch the ball. Ronaldo wasn’t very good at it and didn’t seem too bothered about not passing with flying colours.