Eminem is back? Mysterious clip on Instagram warns a surprise project (Video)


World famous rapper Eminem has been spared on the issuance of new projects in recent years. We can only mention the songs “Big Sean” and “Skylar Gray”.

But it seems Marshall Mathers (his management company) plans to return the benchmark to a completely new project by fans.

“The Eminem Show’s anniversary is coming soon,” says a video published on Eminem’s official Instagram account, DailyStar writes.

Founded in May 2002, ‘The Eminem Show’ conveyed the 44-year-old album produced by Marshall Mathers, turning it into a global super star.

The critically acclaimed record showed that Eminem’s album was sold in more than 30 million copies worldwide, conquering the charts in the US, Australia, Canada, Germany and the UK.

Meanwhile, from this released video, many fans have immediately begun to wonder what a surprise it is, while most hope to be a new song or album.

“I really hope it’s a new album – it will be part of many festivals this summer, so I’m sure it’s the album,” one of the commentators wrote.

Another said, “He is one of the greatest musicians along with Jay Z.”

#TheEminemShow Anniversary Is Coming Soon. Link in bio.

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