Meet the 9 US presidents who have escaped murder assassinations


Four of the 45 US presidents have been killed in some of the most mysterious American history attacks.

But many Presidents managed to escape from murder attempts thanks to zealous bodyguards, bullets that went crazy and crazy fate.

Lincoln and Kennedy could not escape but recognizes you with several US presidents, including Donald Trump, who have escaped the assassinations for their execution.

1-Andrew Jackson

President Andrew Jackson was emerging from the funeral of a White House representative when an English citizen came to the East Portico and directed a pistol.

He pulled out the gun and fired … nothing happened because the weapon was empty, reports “”

2- Theodore Roosevelt

President Theodore Roosevelt was rescued from his speeches after a killer shot him in a chest with a revolver in 1912. Lead was hindered by multiple papers banning the bullet, though the president was easily injured.

3- Franklin D. Roosevelt

17 days before Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first presidential inauguration, the elected president descended from his yacht and briefly delivered a speech to Florida on February 15, 1933. Chicago’s Mayor Anton Cermak approached Roosevelt for a conversation but in that Moment, opened fire. Roosevelt came out of the unarmed attack, but Cermak was seriously injured.

4- Richard Nixon

The shocking attempt on Nixon’s killing came on February 22, 1974. An assailant, identified as Samuel Byck, killed a policeman at Washington’s international airport, collided with security checks and boarded the aircraft. Earlier, he had sent a tape to “Washington Post” detailing his plan to grab a plane and crash it in the White House in order to kill Nixon.

5- Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan has escaped “a hair” for a murder attempt on March 30, 1981.

An attacker fires as the president is traveling by limousine from Washington. Press Secretary James Brady suffered brain damage and a secret agent and a police officer were also injured.

Reagan was once shot in the chest and suffered heavy bleeding but managed to escape again.

6- Bill Clinton

President Bill Clinton was the subject of several attempts for murder during his White House rule.

Three attacks occurred in 1994. Three different strikers tried to kill Hillaty Clinton’s mate with weapons, crush it, or attack it on the street. But Bill managed to escape all these wild attacks

7- George W. Bush

Robert Pickett, a former IRS employee shot bullet holes at the White House in February 2001, before a Secret Service agent shot him.

President George Bush was in the White House housing area at that time.But faced a spin on assassinations during a rally in 2005, where he was attacked with grenades.

8- Barack Obama

While Barack Obama was still a presidential candidate in 2008, two white supremacists plotted to kill 102 African-American citizens.

Their plot would culminate with Obama’s assassination. But police discovered the plot and arrested two attackers.

Later, in 2011, an attacker fired at the White House after claiming that Obama was anti-Christ. But he was not in the White House at the time of the shooting.

9-Donald Trump

When he was still a presidential candidate, America’s Number One was attacked by a British student at a rally.

But he managed to be banned from security services, and according to reports, the young man held the gun.