Most women fancy to betray men to this person


Think it is betraying you? You can catch it in flagrance very closely: 62 percent of women are believed to fancy betraying the man to one of their neighbors, according to a new poll.

For this survey, the Gleeden meeting site had surveyed more than 8,000 people. They had discovered that 31 percent of female members of the site had only had affair with one of their neighbors.

About 60 percent of these affiliates had been only for one night, 14 percent of these affairs continued for several weeks, while only 6 percent of these affiliates had lasted for more than a year.

But should you worry about the boy near your home?

Not necessarily: Most women fancy other men, as fantasies are her way of changing things sexually and staying loyal to you.

In fact, experts believe that fantasies are the main thing that helps marital relationships survive in the long run.