Proud dad Cristiano Ronaldo shows off picture of his son in the gym


He’s got a long way to go before he can even begin to emulate his dad’s talents on the pitch, but it seems that Cristiano Ronaldo Jr isn’t fazed by the long road that lies ahead.

The seven-year-old may be at least 10 years away from making his professional debut – providing he makes it as a footballer, of course. But, to be fair, Cristiano Junior certainly looks like he’s heading the right way at this moment in time.

Proud dad Cristiano Ronaldo shared a new image of his eldest son in the gym yesterday, complete with the caption: ‘Jr say: Daddy I’m gonna be like you!!!’

Junior has got a fair way to go before he becomes the next Ronaldo to grace a football pitch, though. But he’ll no doubt have the support of his superstar father every step of the way.