Ronaldo meets the dead Mexican boy’s parents, makes all cry with his human gesture[VIDEO]


Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo continues to show off his good side whenever he is asked for and has done so today (Thursday).

It has not yet been a week for the Portuguese striker who was declared the best football player in the world by FIFA.

But this is not preventing Ronaldo from making great human gestures, and today one of them has made a tribute to a new fan who was the victim of the earthquake that struck Mexico City last month.

The word is for child Santiago Flores Mora, who was one of 19 children who disappeared beneath the ruins of a primary school collapsed in the capital of Mexico.

This terrific seismic condition, apart from Santiago, has left 358 people dead in total.

In honor and respect, Ronaldo has invited family members of this late fan to the Santiago Bernabeu facilities to meet them.

All this came after his mother had reacted through an exciting newspaper on Twitter’s social network a few days after the tragedy, exactly on the day when Santiago would be 7 years old.

In the words of Santiago’s mother, she wrote that her son dreamed to meet one day his idol, Ronaldo, and Portuguese in respect of honor honored his family and the meeting was very exciting.