Six ways to get closer to a woman in gym


Have you seen a beauty in the gym and do not know how to approach it? We have some proposals for you!

1. Become as natural and enjoyable as possible

Give a smile on the other side of the gym and during the exercises sometimes you smile. At the end of the drills, come near and ask for the name in a completely direct way, the Telegraph reports.

2. Do not interrupt the exercise

Do not start the conversation until you train actively, because no one wants to stop the exercise series, or slow down running to talk. Draw close while drinking water, but close do not place the exercise mat.

3. Give a sincere compliment

Praise her laborious work and say that you are impressed with her workout habits. It is always the best option to give you compliments about its top-shape rather than the appearance of its body.

4. Do not talk while you are trained

Unless you are a professional trainer, any comment on her exercises is not appropriate, especially if she does not ask for any advice.

5. Ask for advice

Maybe your form is great, but sit down with pride and raise your confidence by asking how to do some workout. That way, you will start the first contact and show interest in what it does.

6. Do not touch it

Even if you are very impressed with the appearance of her quadriceps, do not tell her by touching her body.


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