Styling tips: How to combine clothes and sneakers?


Business obligations often require wearing formal clothes, but occasionally it can change the mode pattern with this combination …

This season, two athlete models are experiencing full affirmation, futuristic sporty-looking fashions, and inevitable white elegant athletes, the Telegraph reports.

From your fashion affinities, you depend on which of these two styles you will decide, or you may be delighted with both.

Modern design athletes that dominate neon colors are not very useful when it comes to combining formal garments, such as men’s costumes. That kind of shoe however is part of urban culture and of course an inevitable element of sport.

If you want classic business looks as the most ideal solution, the combination of lightweight materials with white athletes is required, which will bring you the ideal dose of comfort and business appearance.

The third inevitable element in this mode combination is the oxford white or dark blue shirt, which fits perfectly with your modern businessman’s message.

Details such as gloves, socks, leather bags and watches will be yours with which to style this style.