Video: Cristiano Ronaldo look-a-like bravely tries to pick up girls in a full Real Madrid kit


A ballsy and dangerous experiment by this lad…

The way a guy gets a date with a girl has changed somewhat over the last few years with the increase in popularity of online dating and all that lark.

The traditional talking to a girl in person can be quite a nerve-racking experience unless your dutch courage is in full working order on Harcourt Street / Washington Street / Shop Street at 3.30am on a Sunday morning.

It’s a hard one to figure out for mere mortals like us but you know what guys always seem to get girls? Professional footballers. Those well-groomed, fit millionaires seem to have something women want so maybe we should be more like them.

That’s the inspiration YouTube user Joe Weller used for his latest video. Joe (great name by the way) transformed himself into Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo with the fake tan, tonnes of hair gel and the full Real full kit.

Once the doppelganger process was complete, he hit the streets to see if he could chat up any girls and he did rather well actually considering he looks nothing like Ronaldo, sorry Joe.

A hug, a phone number, a kiss and a threat of violence from some undesirable youngsters was the result, have a watch here…


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